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Kodaneva Svetlana

Kodaneva Svetlana

PhD (Law. Sci.), Senior Researcher of the Department of Legal Studies, Institute of Scientific Information for Social Sciences, Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow, Russia)

Cyberbullying: causes and prevention methods

Digital technologies have become an integral part of our lives, opening up new opportunities, but at the same time, causing new risks. One of the negative phenomena that is becoming more widespread around the world is the formation of an aggressive environment in social networks and on network platforms, where young people spend a significant part of their time. This environment generates such a phenomenon as cyberbullying – the deliberate infliction of mental harm to a victim who is not able to protect himself. This study presents an analysis of factors that provoke children and adolescents to display aggression towards their peers in the virtual world, as well as formulated proposals to prevent this dangerous phenomenon.

Keywords: digital environment; cyberbullying; cyber-aggression; digital security.

For citation: Kodaneva S.I. Cyberbullying: causes and prevention methods // Social novelties and Social sciences. – Moscow: INION RAN, 2020. – No 1. – p. 149–159.
DOI: 10.31249/snsn/2020.01.12
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