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Bolshakova Olga

Bolshakova Olga

PhD (Hist. Sci.), Leading Researcher at theDepartment of History, Institute of Scientific Information for Social Sciences, Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow, Russia)

Consumerism in the Russian Empire and the USSR: a glance from foreign historians

The paper deals with the recent Western historical writing on consumerism in the tsarist and Soviet Russia, introducing the predominant narrative that describes historic developments in the sphere of consumption. In the focus is the formation of consumer culture in the period from the 1880s to the 1930s with a special attention to retailing, fashion industry, advertisement, and entertainment.

Keywords: consumerism; Western historiography; retailing; fashion industry; advertising; gender norms; entertainment; luxury under socialism.

For citation: Bolshakova O.V. Consumerism in the Russian empire and the USSR: a glance from foreign historians // Social novelties and Social sciences. – No 2. – p. 37-63.
DOI: DOI: 10.31249/snsn/2020.02.02
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