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Krasnoshchekov Vladimir

Krasnoshchekov Vladimir

PhD (Hist. Sci.), Associate Professor, Volga Region State University of Service (Togliatti, Russia)

Advertising design and its role in the consumer society

In today's world, the appearance of manufactured goods is of decisive importance, and design is an important tool for ensuring the marketing of products. The article discusses the role of advertising design in the consumer society, in which a modern person identifies himself by purchasing goods, the value and price of which are increasingly dependent on their appearance. It raises a number of questions: can and should design act against the consumer society, is the designer obliged to indulge the desires of consumers and clients, or his task is to “educate” their taste? The author concludes that advertising design is a code of demonstrative consumerism, capturing more and more of the daily life of people, firmly merged with the functional properties of goods.

Keywords: consumer society; graphic design; advertising; marketing.

For citation: Krasnoshchekov V.A. Advertising design and its role in the consumer society // Social Novelties and Social Sciences. – 2022. – № 3. – P.74–85.
DOI: 10.31249/snsn/2022.03.04
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