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Sokolova Marianna

Sokolova Marianna

PhD. (Phil. Sci.), Senior Researcher, Georgy Arbatov Institute for U.S. and Canada Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences (ISKRAN), Moscow, Russia

Cyborgization of human : social and legal dimensions

The article discusses how the process of formation of law regulation of cyborgization is going on, as well as the role played in these processes by modern cyborgs themselves (people with built-in technological devices such as pacemakers, chips, neuroimplants, and neurointerfaces). It is emphasized that the source of social and legal problems for them is the insecurity of their personal data, inability to full control embedded devices and the absence of laws in which their rights should be enshrined. The directions of development of legislation on cyborgization are shaped. The question is raised what will be the law regulation of cyborgization in the future.

Keywords: cyborgization; legal regulation; cyborg law; neurotechnology; neurointerfaces; autonomous drones

For citation: Sokolova M.E. Cyborgization of human : social and legal dimensions // Social novelties and social sciences. – 2022. – N 4. – P. 52–64.
DOI: 10.31249/snsn/2022.04.04
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