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Polozhikhina Maria

Polozhikhina Maria

PhD (Geogr. Sci.), Leading Researcher of the Department of Economics, Institute of Scientific Information for Social Sciences, Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow, Russia)

Evolution of Homo sapiens : from natural to artificial?

The Homo sapiens sapiens appeared as a result of a long evolution that took several million years. Despite the achievements of science, there are still many mysteries and «white spots» in the process of anthropogenesis. At the same time, spontaneous changes in the human body structure at the micro level continue. This indicates that its biological evolution has not ended. In addition, as a result of the development of restorative medicine and a number of other areas, innovative technologies that can significantly modify the human body have appeared and are increasingly being used. The accelerated pace of transformation of the environment and scientific and technological progress puts humanity before the choice of the direction of self-improvement, which will determine both its future as a biological species and the prospects of specific activities. The discussion in the article of possible changes in the structure and functions of the human body contributes to the dissemination of a rational approach to these issues and a responsible attitude to them.

Keywords: Homo sapiens; anthropogenesis; innovative technologies; technohuman; posthuman

For citation: Polozhikhina M.A. Evolution of Homo sapiens : from natural to artificial? // Social novelties and social sciences. – 2022. – N 4. – P. 7–28.
DOI: 10.31249/snsn/2022.04.01
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