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Medennikov Viktor

Medennikov Viktor

DrS (Tech. Sci.), Leading Researcher, Computing Center named after A.A. Dorodnitsyn, FIC IU RAS (Moscow, Russia)

Human capital assessment model based on a single digital platformof scientific and educational resources

The article substantiates the need to re-evaluate the role of human capital in the development of society in the digital age. Since high-quality education is the main direction of the formation of human capital in any country, the importance of creating an information space for scientific and educational institutions is demonstrated. A methodology for assessing the level of human capital on the basis of information scientific and educational resources is proposed. The author presents results of calculations obtained by this method on the example of agricultural educational institutions and a mathematical model for assessing the impact of human capital on the socio-economic situation of the regions.

Keywords: human capital; digital economy; human capital assessment; mathematical model; regional rankings.

For citation: Medennikov V.I. Human capital assessment model based on a single digital platform of scientific and educational resources // Social novelties and Social sciences. – Moscow: INION RAN, 2021. – No 1. – 107–120 Pp.
DOI: 10.31249/snsn/2021.01.09
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